MO19 Surface Mount with Cap Option

Surface Mount with Cap Option

Surface mount with wiring compartment for ground mounted, tree mounted, or general surface mounted lighting applications. Can be used with low voltage lighting fixtures.

  • Mounting cap and cup creates wiring compartment for low voltage connections.
  • Hard anodized aluminum base is corrosion resistant and allows for easy installation and adjustment with slotted hole design.
  • Single set screw cap option allows for quicker installation and adjustment by using the same hex wrench size as Vision3 locking knuckles.
  • Tree mount option comes with stainless steel hardware and provides for secure mounting to trees while allowing for tree growth over the screws.

    Surface Mount:

    Surface mounts are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum or C36000 brass. Aluminum surface mounts are black anodized for corrosion resistance. Brass surface mounts are finished to match the cap.


    Caps are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum or C36000 brass. Cap contains a 1/2” NPS threaded mounting hole. Standard cap is locked to surface mount with three 18-8 stainless steel set screws. Single Set Screw cap is locked to surface mount with one 18-8 stainless steel set screw, which uses the same tool as used on the Vision3 Knuckle for one tool adjustment.


    Four mount holes (two slotted and two standard, all 1-3/8” on center) are available for mounting to any surface. The TM style option includes two 3” stainless steel hanger bolts with stainless steel nuts for tree mounting. The hanger bolt driver should be used for hanger bolt installation, and can be purchased separately from Vision3 using part # V101106.


    TGIC thermo set polyester powder coat paint available in 14 standard colors. On aluminum model, finish is applied over a corrosion resistant, hexavalent chromium free, RoHS compliant coating. Aluminum model available in one additional metal finish: Clear Anodized. Brass model available in three additional metal finishes: Natural, Polished, and Aged.

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