Precise Engineering

Ease of use and durability are our utmost priorities when designing a product, because we know that our fixtures are part of the tools with which stunning architectural and landscape masterpieces are created. Our goal is to satisfy a specific lighting task as defined by the architecture or environment. We accomplish this by using the latest technology, decades of design experience, and specifier input to produce high quality lighting fixtures that combine innovative design with common-sense solutions to bring your vision to light.

Product Features

  • Wet-location tested and certified to U.S. and Canadian safety standards for UL1838 and UL1598.

  • Exclusive patented ‘Rotate & Lock’ double-taper knuckle which holds securely while providing stepless vertical and full 360° rotational aiming.

  • High temperature silicone O-ring for long lasting water tight seals.

  • ‘Flush Lens’ options that provide improved watershed from the lens when mineral deposits or debris are an issue.

  • Larger set screws and fasteners to prevent stripping.

  • Larger weep holes in recessed caps to reduce possibility of plugging.

  • ‘Flow Thru’ design on square fixtures allows for 360° drainage around lens with no light leak.

  • Thicker cap walls and improved O-ring placements to eliminate possibility of leakage.

  • A larger selection of cap styles, that also hold more lens or shielding accessories, providing designers more options in their design.

  • The use of more standard materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and cast bronze, allows the designer to choose a fixture best suited for an application or environment.

  • Expanded selection of mounting for more flexibility in installation, reducing the need for custom modifications, resulting in faster delivery and lower cost.