Modify or enhance a light fixture to fit your exact needs with our lenses, adjustable cutoffs, and stems.


Ballasts are essential for regulating the current that enters light sources. We create ballasts that blend right in with our fixtures.

Sign Lights

Our sleek sign light fixtures can be used for sign lighting, canopy lighting, and accent lighting applications.

Flood/Accent Lights

Highlight and contrast architectural traits with our flood and accent lights. These fixtures will transform a space by providing depth and definition.

Down Lights

Down lights are a great way to achieve a naturally emitted lighting effect. We craft stunning pendants and ceiling mounted fixtures.

Path / Step

Elevate landscapes through our path and step lights. Use them to illuminate pathways and create a captivating atmosphere.

In Grounds

Select from our durable in ground fixtures to create your desired lighting effect without interrupting the landscape.

Wall Mount Lights

For architecture that is stunning day and night, Vision3 wall mount fixtures create a beautiful lighting effect without undermining a building’s aesthetic.


Our ground, tree, wall, and ceiling mounts will safely secure fixtures in place while blending in with our fixtures.


We offer transformers for landscape lighting that are resistant to harsh weather, provide reliable power, and are easy to install.