MO12 Surface Mount Powered Canopy

Surface Mount Powered Canopy

Precision cast and machined surface mount powered canopy for low voltage and line voltage lighting fixtures. Can be used for wall or ceiling mounted lighting applications.

  • Thick walled metal housing prevents ‘sag’ of fixture mounted to it.
  • Choice of 1/2” NPS threaded or 7/8” non-threaded mount hole.
  • Gaskets on base and cover and O-ring groove at mount hole provides a water tight housing.
  • Cover alignment pins and captive cover screws for quick installation and easy maintenance.
  • Can be mounted over a 4/0 junction box or used as a surface mount box.

    Canopy Base:

    Canopy Base made from cast 356 aluminum or cast C84400 bronze. Bronze models available with as-cast or machined finish. Hole pattern allows for mounting to a 4” round or octagonal junction box or to the wall as a surface mount box (base mounting hardware not included).

    Canopy Cover:

    Thick walled cast 356 aluminum or cast C84400 bronze canopy cover prevents deflection and ‘sag’ of mounted fixtures. Bronze models available with as-cast or machined finish. Canopy cover available with a non-threaded mount hole for versatility, or a threaded mount hole for strength (threaded mount hole option requires the use of a fixture with the ‘Rotate and Lock Knuckle’). Canopy cover mounts to the canopy base with four 18-8 stainless steel captive screws, which are retained by the cover. Captive screws prevent loss of screws, and provides for safe and easy installation. Captive screw heads are sized the same as the knuckle adjustment screws on Vision3 Lighting flood fixtures, requiring only one tool for installation and adjustment. Alignment pins orient the canopy cover with the canopy base, simplifying installation by ensuring that the cover screws are always lined up properly.


    O-ring groove on canopy cover allows for use of an O-ring to prevent leaking between canopy cover and fixture knuckle. (All Vision3 flood fixtures come with a high temperature, black Viton O-ring on the knuckle for this purpose). High temperature foam silicone gaskets prevent leaking between the canopy cover, canopy base, and mounting surface. (Canopy base gasket may not work properly if mounting surface is too rough).


    No transformer / driver option: no power supply included.

    Transformer option: includes a 75VA, 11.6VAC output, electronic transformer in 120, 230, or 277VAC input.

    LED driver option: includes a 16W (350mA) or 25W (500mA) constant current LED driver with various voltage input (120-277VAC or 120VAC) and dimming (0-10V or phase) options. Driver functions include over voltage and short-circuit protection.


    TGIC thermo set polyester powder coat paint available in 14 standard colors. On aluminum model, finish is applied over a corrosion resistant, hexavalent chromium free, RoHS compliant coating. Aluminum model available in one additional metal finish: Clear Anodized. Bronze model available in three additional metal finishes: Natural, Polished, and Aged (Cast finish bronze not available in Polished finish).


    CSA tested & certified (all except 230V model) to US and Canadian safety standards for the following applications:

    Wet location wall mount use (UL1598):
    MO12(A, B, or C) with integral transformer option - 50W Max.
    MO12(A, B, or C) without transformer option - 75W Max.
    MO12(A, B, or C) with LED driver option - 500mA Max.
    Wet location ceiling mount use (UL1598):
    MO12A with integral transformer option - 50W Max.
    MO12(B or C) with integral transformer option - 42W Max.
    MO12(A, B, or C) without transformer option - 75W Max.
    MO12(A, B, or C) with LED driver option - 500 mA Max.

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