DL1 MR16 Down Light

MR16 Down Light

Precision machined lighting fixture with LED module and integral driver. Can be used for ceiling mounted down lighting in interior or wet location applications.

  • Body and cap available in round and square (aluminum only) shapes.
  • Thick walled cap and optimized high temperature silicone O-ring placement prevents leaking.
  • Thick walled cap allows for more threads and larger set screw to prevent stripping.
  • LED modules are field replaceable and feature replaceable lenses.
  • LED drivers utilize dynamic transformer recognition to simplify installation and patented LEDSense® thermal management to keep LED running at the optimum temperature.

    Mount Canopy:

    Available with the following mount options: MO3 (Machined Round Canopy), MO15 (Machined Square Canopy), and MO12 (Surface Mount Powered Canopy). MO3 & MO15 mount options come mounted to a steel universal mounting ring for ease of mounting and adjustment on an industry standard round junction box. See mount specification sheets for more information. (Mount canopy must be mounted to an appropriate ceiling or junction box, in such a manner that is capable of holding the weight of the fixture. Junction box and hardware not included).


    Machined 6061-T6 aluminum or C36000 brass body and stem (if specified) are permanently attached to canopy using a 304 stainless steel threaded nipple. Integral LED models have a molded silicone wire seal to prevent water entry.


    Machined cap locks in place with one 18-8 stainless steel set screw, and is sealed to the body with a high temperature silicone O-ring. Square caps feature removable and field interchangeable cutoffs.


    TGIC thermo set polyester powder coat paint available in 14 standard colors. On aluminum model, finish is applied over a corrosion resistant, hexavalent chromium free, RoHS compliant coating. Aluminum model available in one additional metal finish: Clear Anodized. Brass model available in three additional metal finishes: Natural, Polished, and Aged.


    GY-6.35 porcelain socket with 600V, 250°C, PTFE coated 18 ga leads.


    Tempered, clear lens, secured to cap with a high temperature, UV curing, silicone adhesive.


    MR16 Halogen: 12V bi-pin up to 50W (maximum allowable wattage depends on model and application. See Certification heading).

    Integral LED: 12-24V AC/DC 6W (400lm) or 12V AC/ DC 10W (700lm) LED options include integral driver with High/Low switch for 35W/20W (6W) or 50W/35W (10W) halogen equivalent outputs. LED Modules are field replaceable and feature replaceable lenses, an L70 > 60,000 hrs., dynamic transformer recognition, phase dimming (see Transformer and Dimmer Compatibility List), and patented LEDSense® thermal management.

    Retrofit MR16 LED: 12V 7.5W (600lm) bi-pin retrofit Soraa™ MR16 LED lamp with specially engineered heat sink mount to ensure proper heat transfer to body. Note: Retrofit LED will overheat without supplied heat sink mount.


    CSA tested & certified to US and Canadian safety standards for wet location ceiling use (UL1598) with the following ratings:

    DL1A (MO3 & MO15 mounts):
    No stem option - 20W Max. MR16 Halogen.
    3” stem option - 37W Max. MR16 Halogen.
    6”+ stem options - 50W Max. MR16 Halogen.
    DL1A (MO12 mount w/ transformer):
    No stem option - 20W Max. MR16 Halogen.
    3” stem option - 42W Max. MR16 Halogen.
    6”+ stem option - 50W Max. MR16 Halogen.
    DL1A (MO12 mount w/o transformer):
    All options - 50W Max. MR16 Halogen.
    DL1B (All mounts):
    No stem option - Not rated for MR16 Halogen.
    3”+ stem options - 20W Max. MR16 Halogen.

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