BM6 Ballast Canopy (39W max) Surface Mount Ballast Canopy

Surface Mount Ballast Canopy

Precision cast and machined surface mount ballast canopy for metal halide lighting fixtures. Can be used for wall mounted lighting applications with Vision3 metal halide fixtures.

  • Thick walled metal housing prevents ‘sag’ of fixture mounted to it.
  • Gaskets on base and cover and O-ring groove at mount hole provides a water tight housing.
  • Cover alignment pins and captive cover screws for quick installation and easy maintenance.
  • Can be mounted over a 4/0 junction box or used as a surface mount box.
  • Multi-tap magnetic ballast for field wiring input voltages of 120V, 208V, 240V or 277V available in wattages of 20W and 39W.
  • Electronic ballast with 120V input available in wattages of 20W and 39W.